From our enthusiastic welcome to the distinctive sights and aroma that will surround you, Bambino offers best of Latin-Italian dining at its finest.

Experience the essence of Italian culinary art

Our Cuisine offers a variety of freshly made specialty foods in a casual atmosphere that includes a beautiful decor. We love to create foods that are as inventive as they are authentic. We specialize in combining fresh ingredients in flavorful ways, always looking out for optimum taste and freshness. 

Discover Bambino, your go-to diner for Italian cuisine around Westlands. Explore our inventive and authentic specialties, perfect for breakfast and lunch near you. Experience the best restaurants near your location with a casual atmosphere and stunning decor. Indulge in vegan options during restaurant week, as we blend fresh ingredients into flavorful dishes. Whether you’re searching for food places or nearby restaurants, Bambino is your top choice for optimum taste and freshness.

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Discover Bambino

Bambino stands as a culinary haven where Latin and Italian flavors entwine seamlessly. This restaurant finds its home within the modern and elegant confines of the Nine West Building, situated in the bustling Westlands Business District.


+254 712 524 517


Ground Floor, 9 West Building, Mkungu Close, Off Parklands Road, Nairobi.